Real BD Superstar Salman shah Biography and Picture Collection

Salman Shah, which is actually a pseudonym of Shahriar Chowdhury Imon, started his acting career in TV drama. However, he came to the limelight through his first film. Apart from Keyamat Thekey Keyamat, in his short span of film career he also acted in another hit 18 movies. His on-screen chemistry with his first heroine Moushumi and then Shabnur were the most wanted silver screen couples of that time

In the early 1990s when the country’s film industry remained stagnant and when vulgarism and weak-script movies ruled the industry, Salman Shah entered the film industry in a spirit vibrant with promise. The ailing film industry witnessed a real romantic hero and welcomed a new era in the romantic film genre with his appearance

unfortunately, the country’s film industry observed the most shocking day on September 6, 1996 with the untimely demise of its talented actor Salman Shah

According to media, Salman's wife, Samira was responsible for his death, for they were said to be on bad terms for some days regarding co-actress Shabnoor. But 13 years on, no one has been officially charged for his murder. Although a medical board found "nothing new other than suicide". Salman's mother Nila Chowdhury in a fax message said she has rejected the examination report of the medical board.

Salman Shah With his wife Samira 

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