Bangladeshi Model and Actress Safa Kabir Biography, Drama and Pictures

Safa Kabir is the new sensation of Bangladesh. At the present, she is a youngest, hot, talented BD model and TV actress. ‍She has come to the "Showbiz" life with a TVC name "Pran Peanut Bar" by Rahat Khan. But the TVC of Airtel by Ashfaq Nipun is the actually very first task in her modelling career. By this advertisement, he gained the attention of the peoples and maker also. She has also become a TVC model in 2013 name "Parachute Oil" by Amitabh Reza. Apart form he also hosted a programme "Style and Trend" on NTV. She has become some still photoshoots model like O2, Mansha and many more. She acted the first time in Airtel Present Telefilm "At Eighteen All Time Dourer Upor" by very talented Director Adnan Al Rajeeb. After that, she acted "Eka Meye" the drama which directed by Atique Zaman and she proved herself with it. After that, she has started her career life and acted some drama name "University", "Black Magic", "Junak Poka", "Icche Ghuri" etc. In 2014, she acted "Valobasha 101" by Redowan Roni on Valentines Day.

Social Networking Activity and Popularity:

Safa Kabir is just 21 years old now, but she is more famous in social networking sites. On facebook, she has more than 2,25,899 fans in her verified fan page. She has also viewers and followers on her twitter site. She is as same as famous on Youtube. Safa Karim also can sing well. She sang a song in T-20 world cup special, named "Tiger T-20". Her fans loved this song very much.

Study and Real Name Story:

Do you know that? what is Safa's real name is? Her real name is "Annatomy Kelly". Isn't it strange? Yes ! it's a little bit strange.
When Safa Kabir was born, then her father Humayun Kabir stayed in Russia about his business purpose, that is why her grandfather took her name "Annatomy Kelly" but she is well known as Safa Kabir in BD media.  Now she is studying in BBA at IAUB.

Favourite Foods, Dress and Places:

She would like to eat fish-rice, fried rice, Chinese and sometimes pizza. She would like to wear Jense, T-Shirt and occasionally Saari, Salwar-kameez. She loves to listening very much. In Bangladesh, her favourite singers are "Tahsan and Elita" and "Arijit Sing" as an Indian. She also would like to watch movies. She likes to travel in her holiday vacation. "The Neelgiri" of Bandarban is the most favourite spot of  her.

Safa Kabir's All Natok:

1- At Eighteen All Time Dourer Upor.
2- Eka Meye.
3- University.
4-Black Magic.
5- Junak Poka.
6- Icche Ghuri.
7- Valobasha-101.
8- Fera.
9- Facebook O Itikotha.
10- Otopor Amra.
11- Rosh-Kosh-Shingara-Bulbul-Mustaq.
12- Mr. 420.
13- Valobashar Golpo.
14- Gaye Holud.
15- Jora Shalik.

Safa Kabir Biography:

Name: Safa Kabir.
Birth Date: 29th August 1994
Height: 5.4"
Weight : 46-49kg
Hometown: Barishal.
Religion: Islam
Favourite Music: Tahsan, Shunno, Anila, Arnob, Adele, Pitbull, Akon
Favourite Films: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Shrek, Simba, 2 Fast 2 Furious

Safa Kabir Recent Hot Pictures and Images

Safa Kabir
Safa Kabir In Saree

Model Safa Kabir

Model Safa Kabir

Model Safa Kabir

Model Safa Kabir without Makeup
Safa Kabir Without Makeup

Model Safa Kabir without Makeup

Model Safa Kabir

Model Safa Kabir
Safa Kabir Selfie Picture

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