Anika kabir Shokh and Niloy Marriage Picture

After so much happenings at last the popular couple of small screen Anika Kabir Sokh-Niloy Alamgir got married.Thursday 7th january they got married in the presence of their families.From the family sources it was known that the marriage ceremony was organised in the paternal house of sokh in Poran Dhaka.With their famillies consent this couple got married secretly. In november of the year 2011 they got close to each other in the shooting of an advertisement of Telecom company.
shokh niloy marriage

In 2012 while shooting of the movie ‘Olpo Olpo Premer Golpo’ directed by Sunnyat Hossain it was heard that sokh-niloy are going to get married.Inspite of the news of their engagement they refused that.But bcoz of their relationship crisis director Sunnyat had to bear much sufferings.After the break up sokh declared not to work with niloy anymore.

 After about 2 years in 2014 they returned in the relationship.The film got started.Though they mentioned themselves as friends in the public media but it was known that they are back in the relationship.

Recently on the birthday of sokh arranged by her family intimate photo of this couple got published in the social networking site Facebook.
shokh niloy wedding

 But sokh didn’t keep her words.Sokh had told the meia,’if I marry why should I do it secretly?I’ll let everyone know.’Last night sokh got married secretly.Sokh & Niloy will start their married life at Niloy’s Uttara flat.

 At present both of them are busy with some serial dramas &advertisements also.

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